Cover You – “In the morning when you wake, what do you think about the dawning?”

Sonnet – “Captivates you, destroys you, then at once evades you”


Deep Blue – “Never knowing if tea’s in the kettle, she pours it into her mug”


Get Me Down – “I stood in the shower with my face up, and I heard the mountain waterfall”


River Swallow – “One little push and it’s over, nothing to it. You know that you want to, just do it”


Skyscraper – “I’m not gonna feel small anymore. I’m gonna start rising”


Ever Is A Long Time – “In the dew of her breath you can smell the words she whispers”


Control Freak – “Won’t miss a heartbeat”

Instrumental versions available upon request.


Tea Time Concert Playlist from October 19, 2017:

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